Letters By Elgwaro

Letters by Elgwaro is a now defunct newsletter I ran from late-March to mid-July 2023. It was a weekly newsletter covering gig economy news and tips. My mission was to help young people discover online opportunities that would give them a chance to escape the rat race.

I had an email list of close to 2,500 subscribers who signed up through my main site, Kampusville.com. I figured my target audience which was made up young adults mostly university students and graduates, was perfect for this newsletter.

Unfortunately, after 16 consecutive issues, I felt like it wasn’t working the way I expected. My passion diminished. I also realized it would be tough to monetize the audience considering my low open rates despite reducing my list to less than a thousand subs (people who had at least opened one of my emails).

On 26th July, I shut down the newsletter, deleted it from Beehiiv and discarded my list of subscribers.