You Want Freedom Badly? Plan For It

Hi there, this is the weekly Letters By Elgwaro. Today I have only on message to send.

Last week was my last week as a full-time employee. It felt weird. I was ecstatic and empty at the same time. I had been working as a copywriter for a digital marketing agency in Nairobi for the last 15 months. My contract came to an end and I decided not to renew it. Why?

Well, I have no fancy reason. It’s just what I wanted. I wanted the freedom of not having to go to the same office every day. The freedom to be wherever I want whenever I want. To work out in the middle of the day. To travel home every month.

I planned for 6 months; applied for online jobs, hoping I could get one that matched my then salary. And when I got one, all that was left, was to wait for my contract to end so I could leave on good terms.

You too might desire this freedom. Or you could be working in a soul-sucking job with a repugnant culture and you can’t wait to get out. A few things are holding you back; like responsibilities. Or you’re terrified of not having a sure monthly salary.

Here’s the deal, if you value that freedom, any free time outside 9-5 should be dedicated to finding your way out. Otherwise, you’ll never realize that dream. If you’re waiting for an angel to come down and hand you your dream freelance job, you’ll retire waiting.

Full-time employment is great, I have nothing against it. It’s just that its cards are unfavorable for anyone who hopes to build something they feel truly belongs to them. I know you can relate.

I’ll not claim the grass is greener on the freelance side. But for sure, you’ll have more time to water it.

See you next week!