Daily Brain Dumps

Writing what is in my mind is something I’ve thought of for quite sometime, probably when i realized I enjoyed writing. But I didn’t do much about it until early 2022 when I challenged myself to a sprint of daily morning brain dumps. I did it for a month and then stopped.

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MaaS: Me-as-a-Startup (On hold)

MaaS is an experiment I undertook in a bid to improve my chances of meeting my goals. I’ve struggled for long with this. I write to-do lists, get busy for some days but eventually give up, often in less than 2 weeks. MaaS was me figuring a way out of this terrible cycle.

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Letters by Elgwaro (Defunct)

Letters by Elgwaro is a newsletter I ran from late-March to mid-July 2023. It was a weekly newsletter covering gig economy news and tips. My mission was to help young people discover online opportunities that would give them a chance to escape the rat race.

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