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I’m Elvis, and I specialize in writing copy and content for internet and tech brands. I make technology feel like child’s play through conversational writing and practical examples because that’s how you get ordinary people to use your brilliant products. I also write about tech for the love of it. If you need a nurtured tech writer to save you from worrying about content quality, check out…

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Email Courses

Help customers discover the world of technology through interactive email courses, simplifying complex topics for easy comprehension.

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Keep your readers updated with the latest tech trends and gain valuable insights through our well-crafted articles that inform and entertain.

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Web Copy

Enhance your online presence with compelling web content that showcases your tech knowledge and engages your audience effectively..

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I worked with Elvis closely from the moment he was hired, and he consistently impressed me with his professionalism, curiosity, timeliness, and above all, outstanding research and writing skills.

Marc J. (Senior Content Manager) @CareerKarma

His creativity and response time helped us achieve our goals on time and within budget. He is reliable and focused on the task and will ask many questions in order to have a positive outcome

Stephen Y. (Creative Director) @TDMke