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Good morning. Hope your week is going well, and you’ve been actively thinking about building your side biz so you’ll never be scared of losing a job.

But first things first, here’s what I’ve got for you this week…

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Struggling to Do Anything? Your Smartphone Is the Culprit

If you often feel you lack motivation to do anything, you’ve got to read this.

I too suffer from it, mine is acute. I can’t do anything when I’m not motivated unless the repercussions of not doing it are dire. So let’s get to it.

You know mice’s DNA composition is about 70% similar to that of humans, right? Well, that’s why lab experiments are done on them.

And one such experiment was conducted by scientists from the University of Washington.

They subjected mice to 6 hours of daily stimulation (jumpy cartoon scenes) for 42 days and then evaluated their cognitive function and behavior.

This kind of exposure mimics that of a smartphone to human beings.

I bet you know where I’m going! Hang in there!

The test mice subsequently performed worse than the control mice in every single test thereafter. They exhibited higher risk-taking behavior, diminished short-term memory, impaired cognitive function, and poor problem-solving.

Overstimulation is when you expose yourself to something that induces the continuous and excessive release of dopamine.

When this happens, your propensity for doing normal tasks reduces. You require too much energy to get things done because they are not exciting enough to stimulate the release of the pleasure hormone.

So you simply lack motivation.

The most common agent of overstimulation is your smartphone. This mostly entails using social media and watching videos.

If you’re already a victim, you might be struggling with slow cognitive function, troublesome memory, and erratic behavior. Forget about the past, you can’t change it. But the future, that’s solidly in your hands.

How do you solve this?

By practicing dopamine dieting. This is when you start disengaging your brain from the agent; the smartphone. For instance, if you used to scroll through TikTok 5 hours a day, slowly take it a notch down.

This week try to survive on 4 hours of TikTok a day. Next week try 3 hours, followed by 2 hours and then 1 hour. Replace the time with something more productive. Like reading, a physical or mind sport.

One month later, you’ll notice a significant difference in your motivation to work.

A Cash Cow Business Based on Your Creativity

I’m gonna regret telling you this.

Luckily only 1% of you will take it seriously and build a business out of it. So when I finally have the time to give it a try, I’ll face little competition.

So here we go!

Wall art has become very popular in modern homes. I’ve visited a few of my close friends, most of who have better homes than I do (I don’t know how I was left behind) and often, I’ll see a couple of paintings on their walls.

I don’t know why suddenly they think it’s stylish to have these paintings on the wall. Maybe they’ve taken a leaf out of the Western world or they actually appreciate contemporary art.

Sure, the wall art business is booming today. Walk along streets in any town, you won’t miss a dozen shops selling these arts.

Now, allow me to preempt this in a very vague manner coz I don’t want all of yah flocking into this lucrative opportunity. I’d love it if you just skim through this section and jump back to TikTok as you always do.

Creating wall art is no longer reserved for artists. In the age of AI, anyone can create the most astonishingly beautiful art and sell it at a profit.

All you need is

  • A creative mind
  • Ability to generate great prompts
  • An AI image generator (DALL·E 2, MidJourney or Stable Diffusion)
  • An Instagram account for marketing
  • A few bucks for printing
  • Some huge balls

That’s all. Can’t give you more than that! But be sure if you take this very seriously, you’ll make a kill. There’s a market waiting to be served. Get to work.

Adam Enfroy – Blogger

In whatever field you’re in, there are a few individuals who you’d wish to replicate their success. In my case, it’s Adam Enfroy.

In 2019, he quit his lucrative job at BigCommerce to launch his own blog,, with a unique twist. Instead of following traditional blogging methods, he implemented a “scale blogging” approach, leveraging his background in SEO and affiliate marketing.

Adam viewed his blog as a startup. He prioritized networking with industry leaders and creating high-quality, research-backed content over immediate financial gain. His efforts bore fruit, and within a year, he was earning over $80,000 per month from his blog, a testament to his innovative methods and hard work.

If there’s one lesson we can pick from Adam’s story, it’s that there are countless ways to achieve any goal. As long as you are ready to think, be innovative, and put in the work, you can get where you want to be.

Of course, no one knows everything. That’s a good thing. It means we have different experiences which culminates in an infinite number of ways of thinking.

Whatever you know, is enough to get started. So just start!

That’s all for today. See you next week!