Avoid These People When Investing in Money Courses

Hi Pal, welcome to this week’s letter. Today, I have just one message.

Hope is a priceless commodity. It’s a hidden trillion-dollar industry nobody is talking about. It’s also the piece the most successful salespersons and marketers use to complete their puzzles.

Sadly, the outlaws of society know about it and are making millions selling it.

How often have you scrolled past a young internet millionaire flashing expensive toys on social media?

Neatly tucked below the post is a bold statement that goes something like this “Learn The Secrets to Becoming a Millionaire Before 30” or countless other variations.

Many times, right?

If you’re young, you’ll be excited at the sight of their made-up stories. But if you’ve lived long enough to have your heart speared by countless disappointments and know well that life is not that glamorous, you’ll smirk and scroll on.

These people thrive on the business of selling hope. They simply show the luxuries we all desire, whether rented or borrowed, purport to have amassed all that wealth, and promise to teach you how to do the same…

…but under one condition; you buy their e-book, course, or tickets.

When you buy in, you don’t buy the product; you buy the hope that you’ll become like them one day. And that’s how you set yourself up for disappointments.

You can never blame them for your failure. If you do, they’ll say, “You didn’t believe in yourself enough.”

A simple rule of thumb when investing in education to help you level up your finances is..

Don’t Buy From Hope-Givers.

Avoid buying education from a ‘guru’ who has to flash expensive toys to prove they’ve made it. In most cases, you’ll be the one funding their ostentatious lifestyle.

Instead, invest in education from successful people known for their experience and mastery rather than their property.

See you next week.