Lesson from 2 Days of Lectures and Big Bet on the Future 

GM: Escaping the rat race can be scary. You don’t need to escape. Just glide away. Letters by Elgwaro will water your slide and shove you down.

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???? Nugget

This week kicked off with one of the things I hate most about the corporate world: meetings.

We had just acquired a new client, a leading insurance company, and we needed an immersion meeting to help us understand how the business works and its services and products.

It took two days – 2 full days learning about insurance. I painfully watched my hours waste away like roadside ice cream in a child’s hand.

Arguably, I became familiar with insurance terms and processes. I also interacted with a couple of insurance smartarses who shifted my perspective on insurance. All in all, it still sucked.

On day 2, which was a bit more exciting, a bespoke-suited gentleman took us through the administration processes. He was light-hearted and seemed to be enjoying himself while imparting insurance knowledge to us.

As the session came to a close, I threw him a question out of nowhere.

“Where do you see yourself in the future? Would you rather be working in a well-paying job where you’re required to be in the office 5 days a week, or one that pays a bit less but lets you skip the office 2 or 3 days a week?”

He picked the latter without a stutter. Mind you, this is a well-paid insurance professional who’s got his financials in order.

How about you? Where would you rather be?

I assume you’d also love to have more time to live rather than work.

One way people try to achieve this is by working hard for decades while saving so they can retire and have time to enjoy their money.

Sadly, you get to enjoy your money when you have no energy.

The other way is to spend time building a side gig while working a corporate job. Once the side gig makes more money than the corporate job, you switch over and focus. Now you do a job that doesn’t feel like work, make good money, and live on your own terms.

And what’s the secret? Just like in insurance, the sooner you start, the better.

Don’t give all your energetic years to companies that pay you the minimum amount they can to offer the most value.

Start working on a side gig you absolutely enjoy.

???? Gig Idea

I want to make a big bet. It’s been pestering me for the past 2 months. And while my bets rarely turn out right, this one feels like an exception.

With AI around, many believe writers are toast. Today, ChatGPT can generate a decent article, write a compelling social media post, or even personalize an email. It has significantly made writing much easier, and the corporate world is going bonkers with its applications.

Which begs the question: Is there a good reason to become a writer anymore when your work can be done by a machine in a fraction of a second?

I believe this is the best time for anyone to become a good writer.

Thanks to AI, many people will see no need to write better, which means the few people who actually enjoy writing have the opportunity to stand out more. Their voice will become stronger, and their ideas will reach more people.

It could be

  • Content writing
  • Copywriting
  • Technical writing
  • Grant writing
  • Medical writing…etc.

So, if you had considered writing as a likely side gig but felt discouraged by AI, I’m giving you the green light to pursue your dream as long as you’re ready to discover your unique voice and use it to excel.

I’m currently building a content writing course to get you started with writing for the internet. And it’s free. If you want access to the course when it’s out, just respond to this email, and I’ll add you to the waiting list.

???????????? Gig Quotes

The real advantage of being your own boss is not just making money. It lies in the ability to achieve the desired level of freedom without requiring anyone's authorization.
The sexiest job ever is one where you do what you want, with whomever you want, at whichever time you want.
One thing you’ll never regret is choosing to live life on your own terms. So bet on yourself.