New Fiverr Opportunity to Jump on Before It Gets Saturated

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What to read this week?

  1. Justin Welsh, on how to turn your social media impressions into money.
  2. MFM podcast talks about 13 one-person businesses making +$1M a year.
  3. Forbes on how to deal with tough market seasons as a freelancer.

What happened this week?

  1. Upwork launches new generative AI tools and services hub
  2. Deelance, a decentralized freelance marketplace, just secured $1.5 million in pre-sale funding.
  3. Collective, a financial management platform for freelancers raises $50 million.

New Fiverr Opportunity to Jump on Before It Gets Saturated.

Fiverr recently added AI services as a new option for freelancers. This means the niche is still unsaturated. And remember, in gig marketplaces, the more established freelancers get the most jobs and, consequently, the most bucks. You can attack the market and set yourself as an expert offering services there before it gets crowded.

What services can you offer?

  1. AI No-Code Development: This is for you if you have any coding skills. Learn to use tools like and
  2. AI Content Writing: It’s probably already scrolling with an army of writers, but there’s still space for growth. Become a skilful copywriter that sells outcomes rather than articles. Learn to use tools like ChatGPT Pro and
  3. AI Artists: Gone are the days when only graphic designers could create stunning images. With AI, your imaginations are a click away. Use tools like and

Focus on one niche, get better at it by doing reps, and have a growth mindset.

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