Guaranteed Your Dream With This 1 Factor

Hi pal, here’s what I’m serving today

  • A better perspective for reaching your goal
  • An opportunity you’ll pinch yourself for ignoring

I recently came across an interesting concept of success; leverage – any factor that enables you to achieve more with less effort or time.

Imagine you wanted to build a house, and summoned engineers to the site. You’ve already acquired all materials needed.

  • The first engineer comes with a plan and 10 workers
  • The second engineer comes with a plan, 10 workers, and an excavator.
  • The third engineer comes with a plan, 20 workers, 1 excavator, 1 backhoe, 1 crane, and some advanced digital tools you’ve never seen.

Who among them is better positioned to build the house? You bet it’s the 3rd engineer. He has something extra. That’s a form of leverage.

When pursuing freelancing or solopreneurship, leverage is way more powerful than pure hard work.

Hard work is limited to your energy and time; leverage is limitless and can work when you don’t.

There are various types of leverage. Today, I’ll talk about one of the most ignored yet powerful forms of leverage.

Consistency leverage

You see, not many people stick around long enough to see the results they’ve worked for. We are out here making excuses as to why we can’t get things done or jumping onto every opportunity we come across.

In the process, we fail to invest time and energy in what we set out to do.

Sure, consistency means you do something over and over, for a long time, which might contradict my point that leverage enables you to achieve more with less.

But look at it this way, what are you doing when you’re not consistent? You’re probably doing something else. So you’re consistently doing numerous things, which is much harder than doing the same thing repeatedly.

In addition, as Tim Denning puts it, when you’re consistent you get extra rewards for no more effort because you become reliable, trustworthy, and visible.

Wanna enjoy consistency leverage? Find an obsession, set a 2-5 year time frame, and get consistent.

Next week we’ll talk about another powerful form of leverage: Systems.

There’s a new trend you can quickly jump on and make a name for yourself and of course, some money if you’re creative, smart, and lucky.

It’s all about building a SaaS product, launching, marketing, and exiting.

All you need is a good idea.

No coding skills? Worry not. No-code tools will do the heavy lifting.

Need a techie by your side? ChatGPT to the rescue.

Tech startups are no longer a preserve for software developers. If you have a good idea, you can build it with the help of free online tutorials. Of course, starting will be a challenge. But when you hold on long enough and take your time to learn, you’re set. Like these guys

  1. Domenico Gagliardi, a full-time business analyst built and sold 3 micro-startups in 6 months, bootstrapped.
  2. Hasan Aboul Hasan built an AI image tool and sold it for $30k after 90 days
  3. BetterLegal started as a single Zapier automation the founder built for a friend. Today, it does $2.5m+ in revenue

My point is this, if you have a startup business idea and are sitting on it because you’re afraid you don’t have the requisite coding skills to build, get up and get busy.

With no-code tools like Bubble and Zapier, and AI models such as ChatGPT, you literally have no excuse for not turning your idea into a reality.

That’s all for today, see you next week.