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The Newsletter With Writing Job Opportunities

Opportunities of the Week by Sonia: I came across this newsletter last year and I’m still subscribed. It shares writing job opportunities curated from Twitter. Twice a week Sonia shares a list of writing jobs posted as tweets to thousands of her email newsletter subscribers. Here’s a screenshot:

Some are lucrative while others are good for creating a small bump in your income. If you’re a writer and would like to take advantage of these opportunities, subscribe to the newsletter. It’s free but you’re encouraged to tip Sonia for her efforts.

We’re Just Frontline Pawns

Yesterday, I was working on an article when I got a Slack notification from the publishing company I work for. I checked it immediately and my heart sank as I read the message sent by my section editor.

I had mistakenly rewritten a sentence from another website. But it was 1 sentence with less than 10 words out of a 1200-word article. Yet still, this was enough to earn me my last strike. If I mess up again, I’m out.

This really shook me to the core. One moment, I’m overzealous about freelancing, the next, I realize I can lose my primary source of income with one mistake.

Folks, whether you’re a full-time employee or freelancer, remember you’re a simple frontline pawn that can be let go at any time. So

  • Always look for other opportunities
  • Find a second and third source of income
  • Build something no one can take away from you

What’s Happening in the Freelancing World?

  1. A Gallup Study found that people are becoming less engaged with their full-time work and freelancing might be a solution. READ MORE
  2. More women than men would choose to do independent work that gives them flexibility, over full-time jobs. READ MORE
  3. Upwork has been running a social media campaign to encourage Gen Z to embrace freelancing. READ MORE
  4. Uwerx: a new blockchain-powered platform for freelancers has come up to challenge industry leaders such as Fiverr and Upwork. VISIT SITE
  5. If you’re venturing into freelancing, Pollen is a great platform offering exclusive access to business advice and a network of peers and mentors to help you grow. VISIT SITE

That’s all. See you next week!