MaaS Versions

Elgwaro Version 1.02

This is the version of Elgwaro coming after the third week of 2024. Progress This was by far my best-performing week. I scored 80.95% across the week with a perfect score from Monday to Friday. I also saw a good improvement in my Kaizen score  Enhancements  Lessons. 

Elgwaro Version 1.01

This is the version of Elgwaro coming after the second week of 2024 Progress A slight improvement in my performance to 57.14%. While I was consistent with writing brain dumps, I only pitched new clients on one of the days. The second half of the week was mostly occupied with client work delivery.  Enhancements  Lessons 

Elgwaro Version 1.00

This is the first version of Elgwaro for the year 2024. We maintained the two sections separating work and personal life activities  Progress My performance got worse. I got 37.14% in the work-related section, while in the personal life section, I got 33.33%. Reason: I got engaged in helping a friend with some writing work … Read more

Elgwaro Version 0.03

This is the third and final version Elgwaro, for the year 2023. The to-do list was sectioned in two parts separating work-related and personal life activities. This marks the end of the beta (trial stage). Progress My performance got even worse. A 42.86% on both sections and a Kaizen score of 1.113% out of a … Read more

Elgwaro Version 0.02

The second version release was focused on making the to-do list of activities smaller and more focused on my growth in my work rather than holistically. No good excuse for this performance Progress  My performance got worse as compared to the previous week. A 51.43% was pretty low, which means for this week I was … Read more

Elgwaro Version 0.01

This was the very first version of Elgwaro, and it represented the conceptualization of the MaaS project. It was based on a single Google Sheet with a to-do list of 10 activities based on the kind of man I want to be and the things I’d like to achieve.  Performance was the first official metric. … Read more