Brain Dumps

18th December 2023 – What Writing Can Do For Me, Engineering Can’t

Do you have this deep-rooted desire to live an extraordinary life? Like, a life that people admire. One filled with a lot of exciting adventures that normal people wouldn’t fathom? I want that, just like many other people. But the difference with me is that I want my design of extraordinary life. One that’s built … Read more

17th December 2024 – My Lack of Consistency vis-à-vis Success

I know what I’ve got to do to become a successful writer. I have lots of strategies that could get me there. The only thing lacking is consistency. I read, and sometimes, watch a lot of educational and motivational videos, and in the process, collect countless tips. But then, taking action is where it gets … Read more

16th December 2024 – Why I Write Despite Everything

Life can be very humbling. My experience over the past 3 years as a writer is proof of that. You see, I walked into the world of writing with a lot of expectations. I had read so many stories of writers making a lot of money from their craft. The thought that I could do … Read more

15th December 2023

I need a break from my usual routine of leaving my phone in the living room before going to bed. It’s one of those moments when you want to do things differently.  I wasn’t in a flow state yesterday, except when I was writing my daily brainstorm.  So I went to bed with my phone … Read more

14th December 2023

Yesterday, when I tucked myself in bed, my mind began wandering. Why is it that I have not yet had my big break after writing for almost a decade?  I’ve sacrificed a lot, including a lucrative career and my dad’s help, to pursue writing. Now it feels like an illusion.  Why is it like that? … Read more

13th December 2023

I started writing for money in 2015, my second year at university. A friend who comes from my hometown, Ogembo, introduced me. He was a senior by then and was making money while studying.  So why not follow in his footsteps? I imagined striking gold while in university, living in a two-bedroom house, buying a … Read more

12th December 2023

About 4 months ago, I paid $500 for a premium ghostwriting course, my most significant investment ever.  There were other things I wanted to do with that money, like buy an L-shaped couch and a sitting room carpet. However, I chose to invest in myself and acquire a skill that would help me earn more.  … Read more

11th December 2023

It’s 2:55 am, the first time I’ve woken up in the middle of the night, and sat down to write. Two things have made me do this.  First, I woke up because the lights just came back. We’ve been in a blackout since 7 pm, and  I forgot to flip all the switches off before … Read more

10th December 2023

I fell in love with writing for many reasons. Some of which I can’t recall. But at the top of my mind, sharing opinions that change perspectives excited me.  Also, the idea of millions of people reading what I’ve written makes me happy. The more people read my work, the more confidence I have in … Read more