Professor uses gender card to cleanse corrupt politician

Anne Waiguru just got impeached and the reactions, especially from KOT, is priceless. Arguably, it would not have been as interesting as it is now if Margret Kobia didn’t chip in.

The development is trending at the moment contributed by the fact that most Kenyans are at home as idle as a thermos in a comrade’s bedsitter.

I might not understand the motivation behind Waiguru’s impeachment; Kenya’s politics is just too complicated for me, I’d rather spend time studying blockchain technology and cryptography. But one thing I feel, so deep within me is that she might as well have deserved it.

Why? Because Waiguru is synonymous to corruption. Waiguru has been implicated in very many corruption cases since she stepped into the big league, most notably the 2 NYS scandals. No matter how anyone can sugarcoat her story, it will always taste bitter somehow.

So, it was my sincere expectation that Kenyans would rejoice just in the same way CNN reported the breaking news on twitter.

cnn breaking news waiguru impeachment
CNN Breaking News on Waiguru impeachment

Until Margret Kobia, the Cabinet Secretary for the Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs, decided to use play the gender card.

“It is unfortunate that Governor Anne Waiguru’s term is being cut short by an impeachment. This is an indicator that some of us do not value strong women leadership. We are disappointed that the Governor is being impeached during the fight against COVID-19 which is negatively impacting on social-economic development of the country.

I support the common Women Agenda demand that due process is followed and justice served.”

Prof Margret Kobia

She then proudly signs her name below with the initials Prof, PhD, MGH.

Well, she might have a point. I mean, Kirinyaga parliament is dominated by male MCAs who may have a vendetta against a female governor, I don’t know. But how can a highly respected government official assume such a basic opinion?

Ma’am, how can you disregard the fact that the citizens you serve regard Waiguru as one of the most corrupt individuals in the country and sanitize her with a gender card? There’s overwhelming evidence on the internet pointing to her greed. Can’t you spend a minute to learn about your so-called friend?

Waiguru isn’t the first governor to be impeached. Five governors have been impeached before, all males with serious corruption accusations. Although the Senate saved four of their asses, leaving only Baba Yao, these leaders had one thing in common, credibility issues.

I wonder how this suddenly has something to do with gender. I don’t think this will be the last time the gender card would be used audaciously and inappropriately. How will it be next time though?

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