MaaS: Me-as-a-Startup (On-hold)

MaaS is an experiment I’m undertaking in a bid to improve my chances of meeting my goals. I’ve struggled for long with this. I write to-do lists, get busy for some days but eventually give up, often in less than 2 weeks. MaaS is me figuring a way out of this terrible cycle.

MaaS works as a personal accountability system. Rather than treating myself as a human being with dreams, I treat myself as a SaaS startup with goals. For a startup to achieve its goals, its team must undertake several actions everyday for an extended period. These actions are like votes to its future.

In the same way, I’m breaking down every action that I need to undertake every day for the next year and recording my performance. These actions will act as votes to the person I want to become. In the process, every week I intend to release a version of myself based on my ability to go through with my daily actions.

Since this is an experiment, I’m bound to make changes occasionally to make it effective as long as the changes align with my vision.


Kaizen Score

Kaizen is a Japanese term that means continuous improvement. In this model, we’re applying a 1% per day continuous improvement.

The 1% is derived from the ability to accomplish every task in your to-do list every day. If you only achieve 50% of your tasks, that means you’ve improved 0.5% which amounts to 1.005%.

Every consecutive day’s improvement since the start of the program accounts for the previous day’s score.

So if you achieve 70% of your to-do list today, your score equals Yesterday’s score multiplied by Today’s score. This formula is repeated onwards.

All versions of Elgwaro

VersionRelease DateKaizen ScoreChangelog
V 0.0117th December 20231.042%Link
V 0.0224th December 20231.080%Link
V 0.0331st December 20231.113%Link
V 1.007th January 20241.188%Link
V 1.0114th January 20241.257%Link

As of February 20th, I’ve decided to put this project on hold. Reasons

  • I lack the motivation to keep up with my progress. Having been in a position of financial duress, I’ve been focused on surviving rather than creating/doing stuff.
  • I’ve only succeeded in being consistent with one action; writing brain dumps everyday. All other activities have been unsustainable
  • I need to get this off my back for now but hope to reignite it in future with a better plan.