Elgwaro Version 0.03

This is the third and final version Elgwaro, for the year 2023. The to-do list was sectioned in two parts separating work-related and personal life activities.

This marks the end of the beta (trial stage).


My performance got even worse. A 42.86% on both sections and a Kaizen score of 1.113% out of a possible 1.232% (1.01^21 days) meaning I’m 0.116% behind schedule. Considering it was the Christmas Holiday week, which has a number of interruptions, I’ll not be too hard on myself.


  • Partitioned to-do list into 2 sections: The first part had the three most important activities I needed to do every day, while the second part had three additional things actions to improve my overall life. 
  • From Jan 1st, 2024, a week spans from Monday to Sunday, rather than Sunday to Saturday.


  • The new to-do list will be maintained with a few changes to make it more realistic
  • Activities on the next to-do list will be ultra-specific.