Elgwaro Version 0.01

This was the very first version of Elgwaro, and it represented the conceptualization of the MaaS project. It was based on a single Google Sheet with a to-do list of 10 activities based on the kind of man I want to be and the things I’d like to achieve. 

Performance was the first official metric. Ideally, every single activity on the list is considered a vote for the person I want to be. Hence, performance is defined as the percentage of the day I’ve chosen to be that person.


A 58.57% performance was quite low. A Kaizen Score of 1.042% out of a possible 1.072% means I’m 0.03% behind schedule. I wasn’t off to a good start. 


  • Changed activity 2 to make it more practical (Originally – Pitch to 5 Clients)
  • Introduced the Kaizen Score to gauge daily progress on a scale of one year.


My to-do list is all over the place. I was trying to grow holistically which can be challenging. I needed to narrow it down to 3-5 activities that matter the most and will lead to the most impact in making who I want to be. 

It’s better to design focus on who I want to become in the next month and base performance on the ability to tick all boxes in the more focused to-do list I’ll come up with.