Daily Brain Dumps

Writing what is in my mind is something I’ve thought of for quite sometime, probably when I realized I enjoyed writing. But I didn’t do much about it until early 2022 when I challenged myself to a sprint of daily morning brain dumps. I did it for a month and then stopped.

For context, I brain dump is an act of comprehensively and uncritically expressing and recording one’s thoughts and ideas as on a particular topic.

So, I’ve decided to give brain dumps another try. This time instead of the 30 minutes I set aside to write every morning at 6 am, I’m sparing 1 hour every day after waking up, no matter the time, to write whatever is in my mind about writing. Then I’ll publish each brain dumps as posts and link them here just to keep a record and stay accountable.


10th December 202311th December 202312th December 202313th December 2023
14th December 202315th December 202316th December 202317th December 2023
18th December 202319th December 202320th December 202321st December 2023
22nd December 202323rd December 202324th December 202325th December 2023
26th December 202327th December 202328th December 202329th December 2023
30th December 202331st December 2023
1st January 20242nd January 20243rd January 20244th January 2024
5th January 20246th January 20247th January 20248th January 2024
9th January 202410th January 202411th January 202412th January 2024
13th January 202414th January 202415th January 202416th January 2024
17th January 202418th January 202419th January 202420th January 2024
21st January 202422nd January 202423rd January 202424th January 2024
25th January 202426th January 202427th January 202428th January 2024
29th January 202430th January 202431st January 2024
1st February 20242nd February 20243rd February 20244th February 2024
5th February 20246th February 20247th February 20248th February 2024
9th February 202410th February 202411th February 202412th February 2024
13th February 202414th February 202415th February 202416th February 2024
17th February 202418th February 202419th February 202420th February 2024
21st February 202422nd February 202423rd February 202424th February 2024
25th February 202426th February 202427th February 202428th February 2024
29th February 2024
1st March 20242nd March 20243rd March 20244th March 2024
5th March 20246th March 20247th March 20248th March 2024
9th March 202410th March 202411th March 202412th March 2024
13th March 202414th March 202415th March 202416th March 2024
17th March 202418th March 202419th March 202420th March 2024
21st March 202422nd March 202423rd March 202424th March 2024
25th March 202426th March 202427th March 202428th March 2024
29th March 202430th March 202431st March 2024