Hello there, Welcome.

My name is El Gwaro. I have lots of nicknames, but I’d prefer you just call me El.

I am a content writer based in Nairobi. I enjoy writing, but I find writing web content particularly fun because I anticipate millions of people reading it and getting value from it.

That’s why I started ContentDisrupt.com, a website that teaches online writers how to write content that stands out. I also write at Kampusville.com, sharing tips for Kenyan youths to supplement their education with online jobs and make money in the process. My work has been recognized by BAKE; not a big deal, but it makes me happy.

Though not as happy as watching combat sports, working out in the gym (and fantasizing about places I want to visit when I secure the bag), which I do when I’m not writing.

I also dream of a world where the positive image of Africans and Its Land is preserved. A dimension where developed nations don’t bask in the glory of soiling the continent that’s the origin of mankind.
I’ve had enough of the CNNs and BBCs of the world investing most of their time and resources in spreading the gospel of a marred Africa.

Africa is beautiful, and it’s made up of the brightest of minds, kindest of hearts, and the most talented beings. That’s the African Story I want to tell.

Yours truly